Product Warranty

Policies for warranty and maintenance products:

- We will warranty for products damaged due to technical errors in the manufacturing process and installation of triggers. For products damaged due to customer fault when used, depending on the extent of damage, we will repair free of charge or charge for support.

- In order to serve customers better, all of the company's products THANH DUNG FURNITURE warranty from 01 to 03 years (depending on the product), and 02 years of maintenance. During maintenance, the company supports the repair labor costs. Customers pay the cost of replacing the damaged accessories (if any)

- In the case of product malfunction, depending on the situation, recovery time can range from 3-5 days after receiving the information.

- Customers need to present the purchase receipt or warranty card for technical staff in charge.

- The warranty and maintenance products only apply within Ho Chi Minh City

- Time served: Monday - Friday, from 8am to 8pm.

 Items not included in the warranty:

 Thanh Dung Company is not responsible for warranty in the following cases:

- The accessories included with the product as: bulbs, wires, locks, handles, hinges, tracks, glass...

- The case of damage due to improper use or function improperly preserved products from manufacturers.

- Wear and tear during use of customers over time as the natural fading or aging surface of paint, fabric, leather, PVC ... including the cases of scratched, peeling, tearing, cracking ... of these surfaces (paint, canvas, leather, PVC ...)

- The product warranty is expired.

- The product is changed over from the original structure.

- The product has no warranty card or a valid purchase receipt.

- Products fracture, rupture, abrasion, mechanical deformation due to the fault of the user.

- Customer self repair when the product malfunctions without notice to the company

- The product is drying against termites from within the product itself. All of that attack by the external environment such as: humidity, mold, termites, rats; cockroaches, ants, insects, etc. will not be covered.

- Product flooded cause breakage, warping. Products affected by moisture or high temperature cause distortion.

 Instructions for use and storage products:

 - Do not apply chemicals, solvents in direct contact with the product (other than cleaning product dedicated by Thanh Dung consultant)

- Do not let the direct sunlight on the product. Ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage and aging paint surface, silver color fabric, leather or simili.

- Do not leave the product in the harsh environment, hot and cold suddenly.

- For the timber industry (man-made) including MFC, MDF, Veneer ... you do not let water or other liquid enters to the product, or place the product in damp places.

- Avoid placing the product near flammable products affect

- For sofa items mattresses, you do not sit on the chair arm to avoid collapse, subsidence or fracture

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