Consulting and Designing Service

Consulting & Design services for free

 - To meet the needs of interior decoration and on a better customer service, from the date of 1/5/2010 Thanh Dung Furniture Company offers free services "Consultancy & Interior Design" in place for the customer needs.

 - If you are concerning about the selection of suitable products for the architectural space and area of your room, Thanh Dung’s designers will sketch a 2D and 3D interior models that give you the actual angle and panoramic room view. The company's designers will help you to prepare a relatively complete drawing showing your planing desires according to your own tastes.

 - Besides, Thanh Dung Furniture also provides free consulting services for customers wishing to order kitchen, door, hand stairs, wall cabinets.... With many years of experience in the field of construction, we will be happy to advise you choose the material, color, style, size; feng shui directions help you get more resources of reference and peace of mind when ordering production.

 - If you already have the 2D or 3D drawing and you want to find a construction supplier, so come to Thanh Dung. With a team of highly professional staff, we always work in close collaboration with the architect in charge of the work to get an overview of the whole project. Since then, we will produce products that meet all the request of the house owner and the architect as well.


Consulting Services & Package Design

- At THANH DUNG FURNITURE, you will have free advice on products as well as the layout of your space, we will guide you how to arrange and display furniture in a scientific, creative, and aesthetic to crown the beauty and elegance to your home.

 - If customers need interior design, we have a team of designers with many years of experience in the field of interior decoration works for residential and commercial. Output is the profile interior design to manufacture and installation of all equipment in the interior space.

 - Composition comprising: a three-dimensional perspective view (3D) the corresponding interior space, which show details of the size of space, placement of furniture layout, lighting layout and demonstrate the actual effects of light, made detailed comments on the material and material in the works, shaping fixtures, flooring, ceiling layout, sound system ...

 - Duration: For interior projects for public works and industry, please contact us for more specific details. Particularly for home furniture at home, apartment, office furniture, showroom, exhibition, restaurant, implementation period will include 02 main stages: outline plan (15 - 20 days after signing the contract) and the deployment profile construction techniques (7 - 10 days after signing the contract).

 - Expenses for services: are the corresponding m2 of floor space, the specific unit prices depend on many factors: the total floor area, type of space, the specific requirements of investors. .. It is in the range of 100 - 150,000 vnd/m2. To get the closest and the most reasonable price for you, please send specific requests via email or direct contact to our office for detail. 

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